Saint George Theological Seminary

Our online library service offers a wide variety of resources to assist students and faculty with both learning and research needs.  These resources include access to database and manuscript collections, full text subscriptions to 26 journal collections, and curated links to resources relevant to the practice of ministry.  The library also offers professional development resources for faculty.  Students or faculty needing additional resources not offered here may reach out through our private Facebook page for further assistance.



Database of books and articles pertaining to Anglicanism, including full texts from 13 journals.

Database of historical texts important to Anglicanism, with particular emphasis on the Oxford Movement

Database of liturgical texts and documents from the worldwide Anglican communion

Database of historical data on individual Anglican clergy, primarily from 1540-1835.

Database of primary source material from the worldwide Anglican communion, including materials from past Lambeth conference, ecumenical dialogue meetings, and meetings of Primates

Database of historical case studies on Anglican understandings of Eucharistic theology

Database of historical texts important to Christianity

Database of multimedia resources on all aspects of Christianity, including history, theology, and Biblical studies

International bibliography of theology and relgious studies resources

Database of texts important to theological development between the 15th and 18th centuries

Database of full text articles on Biblical studies from 104 journals

Database of 5700+ articles and books in religious studies, with emphasis on Christianity

Database of historical texts from the German reformation, with emphasis on the works of Martin Luther

Database of secondary texts on Catholicism in Latin, including all Papal documents, council decisions, and theological summaries

Database of primary and secondary source material on Gregorian chant

Database of primary and secondary source material on ancient Greece and Rome

Databse of 628 medieval manuscripts from the Abbey of St. Gallen

Database of 1000+ digitized manuscripts at the British Library

Database of 1600+ digitized manuscripts from St. Catherine's Monastery at Mt. Sinai.

Database of 10,000+ illuminated manuscripts